Young and Fabulous - A Toddlewood Magazine


TriciaHey everyone,

It’s me, Tricia!  I’m so excited about this magazine adventure and I hope you all come with me for the ride.  We’ve got big ideas, big named company interests and very cool models.  Let’s rock!

Why a young and fabulous magazine? Toddlewood is doing so well, why go older? Great questions. The answer is as simple as “I just want to work with kids of all ages. And as my kids grow and graduate out of Toddlewood, mommy has to have them involved in everything she does.” Young & Fabulous is starting off small but to my excitement it’s quickly being recognized by some interesting people. This is my take of an on-line fashion magazine featuring teens and tweens of ALL cultures. It’s a way to see all the beautiful faces, models, stories and the designers that dress them. As the photographer and Editor-in-chief, I’m excited for the future of Young & Fabulous and all the models involved. Get ready for a ride. Oh and no worries, Toddlewood isn’t going anywhere!

Tricia Messeroux
Editor-In-Cheif Senior Photographer