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Attended the Harlem Fashion Row event

September 11, 2014  By Tricia Messeroux

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So I attended the Harlem Fashion Row event during fashion week 2014 and I found an incredible designer that I am now obsessed with, Byron Lars! First of all his show was presented far differently than any other show that I’ve seen. All the models came out at once and instead of walking down the catwalk and back and off, he had them line up on the catwalk and just stand there. They rotated and just stood there. Turned again and just stood there. At first I was confused but then I realized I got a chance to study the clothes. Really see and appreciate the details. I fell in love with each pattern, texture, color and stule that was in front of me. I mean LOVED. I’m dying to get a few of his designs into my closet. Byron, two thumbs up baby!